Concrete Mixer – Hydraulic Hopper


It is built on the same Robust Design Principles of the ever reliable Esquire Hand Fed Mixer, giving it the same dependable features and world class Quality and Workmanship.
Branded hydraulic components are used for better Reliability.
Hydraulic pump directly mounted on prime mover to avoid misalignment and power loss.
The Pin Type Jacks are provided with the chassis to maintain the level of the mixer during operations.
Available with Electric motor or Diesel engine.


Dual Drives: Electric Motor & Diesel Engine prime mover are installed on the same chassis. Power can be taken from any source and is easily interchangeable.
Wheels: Pneumatic or MS Wheels with towing bar.
Digital Weighing System: Load Cell based digital weighing system is available with/without Print Facility Monitor& 2 Bin Hopper.
Calibrated Water Tank is available.
Concrete Mixer with Mechanical Hopper is also available on request.
*First time in India

Technical Specification

Technical Data 10/7 Cubic ft
Capacity ( Unmixed ) 300 Liters
Capacity (Mixed ) 200 Liters
Power (Electrical Motor) 5 HP
Power (Diesel Engine) 6 HP
Water Tank # 40 Liters
No. of Bins 1 or 2
Production Rate * 4.5 CuM/Hr

* 40 Batches/Hour