Reversible Mini Batching Machine

A hybrid of European Technology and Indian Ingenuity, this high performance machine guarantees efficient results. Made up of finest material and perfect precision, our RD Mixer offers complete solution to your construction challenges. Save your time and energy with this great piece of craftsmanship.


Innovative Hydraulic Transmission for Drum Rotation as well as Hopper given better Reliability.
Four Pneumatic Wheels with Jack for maintaining the level of the machine.
120 Liters Calibrated Water Tank with pump and overflow prevention.
Prime mover: Electric Motor or Diesel Engine with 12 V DC Battery for Self Start & Weight Indicator.
Monitor on separate stand to eliminate damage due to machine vibration.
Hopper with Vibrator in Electric models.
Available with Electric motor or Diesel engine.


Dual Drives: Electric Motor & Diesel Engine prime mover are installed on the same chassis. Power can be taken from any source and is easily interchangeable.
Digital Monitor with USB Port & Printing Facility without Monitor.
Digital Weighing System: Load Cell based digital weighing system is available with/without Print Facility Monitor.

*First time in India

Technical Specification

Technical Data RD 600 RD 800
Capacity (Unmixed) 0.6 CuM 0.8 CuM
Capacity (Mixed) 8-10 Cubic m/hr 12-15 Cubic m/hr
Power (Electrical Motor) 12.5 HP 15 HP
Power (Diesel Engine) 12 HP 16 HP
No. of Bins 1,2,3 or 4 1,2,3 or 4
Water Tank With Pump 120 Liters 120 Liters
Production Rate * 8-10 CuM/HR 12-15 CuM/HR

* 20-25 Batches/Hour