Material Hoist : Material Handling

This efficient machinery is a boon during the construction projects. These products are extension of Esquire’s reliability and offer far-reaching answers to your manufacturing problems. With its Fit and Forget Design it is long lasting and provides trouble free operation.


Sturdy and User Friendly Design.
Inbuilt Mechanical Locking System: In case of wire rope failure this system will lock the bucket & platform with the tower mast and restrict the free fail.
Brake Motor: A fail safe brake is incorporated in the motor itself to provide the winch with protection against free fall in case of any power failure ensuring complete safety & Reliability.
Top & Bottom Limit Switches with brake motor hoist.

*First time in India


Scaffolding or Wall Tie Ins.
Bucket Options: Tilting Bucket, Material Bucket, Be-Bar Carrier

Technical Specification

Technical Data TH 1000 BM TH 1500 BM TH 750 TH 1000 TH 1500
Bucket Volume 0.3 CuM 0.4 CuM 0.2 CuM 0.3 CuM 0.4 CuM
Gross Load 1000 Kg 1500 Kg 750 Kg 1000 Kg 1500 Kg
Wire Rope 10 mm 12 mm 10 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Diesel Engine No No 10 HP 12 HP 16 HP
Electric Motor 10 HP 12.5 HP 10 HP 12.5 HP 15 HP
Break Motor Yes Yes No No No
Speed 30 Mtr/Min 30 Mtr/Min 30 Mtr/Min 30 Mtr/Min 30 Mtr/Min
Max Height 125 Meters 125 Meters 40 Meters 50 Meters 60 Meters