Mini Lift

Widely used to carry construction material to raised levels, Esquire Mini lift are made of high quality raw material and prescribe to international standards.


360 Degree Boom Rotation.
Load Cell based Overload Protection with Display.
Self Erection Boom.
Non Rotating Wire Rope (Anti Twist)
Electromagnetic Disc Brakes with Manual Release.
Geared Brake Motors ensure the best safety & Reliability.


Concrete/Sand Bucket or Material Bucket with Caster Wheels

Technical Data ML 250 ML 350 ML 600
Capacity (Gross) 250 KG 350 KG 600 KG
Max Lifting Height 40 Meters 60 Meters 80 Meters
Wire Rope 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Speed 20 Mtr/Min 20 Mtr/Min 20 Mtr/Min
Boom Length 1650 MM 1650 MM 1300 MM
Size (L*W*H) MM 3525*2965*2600 3525*2965*2600 3421*2914*2345
Weight KG 260 KG 270 KG 340 KG
Geared Brake Motor 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Phase Single/Three Single/Three Three